Providing professional & high quality care for the whole family

Hearing loss can happen for a variety of different reasons and at different ages. If you are struggling to hear everyday conversations, experiencing ringing noises in your ears or you simply know your hearing is not like it used to be, then this is the time to seek hearing services. We are here to help you recapture the love of sound again.


Our broad range of hearing services include:

  • Adult hearing assessment (including HSP pensioners)
  • Micro suction wax management
  • Paediatric hearing assessment (from one year old)
  • Hearing aid supply, fitting and rehabilitation program
  • Aviation CASA hearing assessment
  • Police and pre-employment hearing assessment
  • Custom made ear plugs, swimming plugs & musician plugs

Hearing Aids

Better Life Hearing Service is a leading supplier of high quality hearing aids. We stock a large range of different brands to suit your needs and personal requirements. For custom fittings and repairs, do not hesitate to contact us for an in-depth consultation today.